Saturday, April 24, 2010

I've got hives!

Well the hives are done and the bees come tomorrow.  Here's a little info on what I built and how I built them:

So over the last few weeks I've been building these Top Bar Hives using plans from the Barefoot Beekeeper, Phil Chandler.  Interestingly, after building two hives over about two weeks I deciced that I had the kinks worked out and built a third hive in a few hours.  The most important and toughest part of building the hives is the top bars.  I used borrowed tools from some friends and even spent an evening at Eric Ryterski's house using his dado saw and compound mitre saw.  Came home that night with about two pounds of sawdust up my nose....mmmmmm.

So here's a few shots of what I built:

Top Bar Hive


Top Bars - solid

Follower Board

Observation Window (closed)

Observation Window

Here's a great video of Installing Bees in a TBH.

Bees come tomorrow - I'll post some pics of that event too!

See ya!

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