Thursday, February 24, 2011

It looks like all three hives have survived the winter. We didn't have too much cold weather nor did we have a lot of snow this year so I don't think it was to tough on them. However, winter isn't over and March is our snowiest month so we could still see some loses.

BYH - Back Yard Hive - lots of activity on days over 50 degrees with limited wind. The location of this hive has been a good one, with maximum sunlight every day. I saw bees with white and yellow pollen or some pollen like powder in their pollen sacks entering the hive. I'm sure they know what they are bringing in and probably have a good use for it. Hive looks great. I'll do an inspection the first day we have over 70 degree weather.

KFH1 - Kois Farm Hive - this hive has been a difficult one to read over the winter. I actually thought we lost this one at one point. No activity on warm days when the other hives were going nuts. Then one day when it was over 60 they were doing cleansing flights and stretching their wings. They may just not like cold weather and will only be active over 60.

One thing I did notice on the day they were out flying was that there were a bunch of little wars going on outside the hive. I couldn't tell if it was this colony fighting off robbers or an aggressive colony robbing them. Here's a picture of what I saw on the back ledge of the hive. The aggressor bees are mulling one or two other bees.

KFH2 - East Hive - seems to be doing great.  I was concerned about this hive starving but I think we're through the worst of the weather and I'll be able to throw a feeder on soon.

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