Monday, August 23, 2010

Hive Updates - it's been a while

This post is about a month overdue - sorry if you've been on the edge of your seats.

About a month ago my brother was in from Chicago and he wanted to take a peak in the Backyard Hive.  We got him all dressed up and we opened it up.  This hive has struggled to build strength, and I take the full blame.  I believe I waited too long to move the follower board back and that made them believe there was a limit to their they slowed down on comb production when the nectar was still flowing.  None the less, we moved everything back and they are doing better today.

This was the first time in a while I've opened this hive - I like the philosophy of the Backwards Beekeepers which says to let the bees do what the bees want to do.  John was very intrigued with what he saw in the hive. 

The first bar we pulled you could see capped brood, larva, eggs, and low and behold...there was Queenie!  Check it out - look at the second picture below and see if you can find her.  She's golden in color and quite long.

Here's a close up of her:

I harvested two bars of honey from KFH1 a few days before this - I'll post a few pics shortly.

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