Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kois Farm Hive Must Be Queenless...

Jaimi, Maddi, and I went out to the Kois Farm Hive (KFH) today to see if we could find a queen.  My eyes aint what they use to be up close so we took some video to get some other opinions.

This colony has been in this hive for about 9 days.  They came from another TBH that did not over-winter for my cousin very well and we assumed it was queen-less...that was almost exactly one month ago so I didn't think it would even last this long.  So take a look at some of these videos and tell me if you see a queen...I've looked pretty hard and did not see one.

Video Links:

Opening Kois Farm Hive - KFH

KFH Bar One

KFH Bar Two

If you're seeing a queen let me know.

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